04 July 2009

Bowtie Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Bowtie Stitch

This is a very simple pattern that can be used for practically any project in stockinette. It's a repeat of six stitches, and the only thing you'll need to learn is to knit into the stitch below the one you'd normally knit (k1b) , the stitch between the purls in the pattern. If you do this wrong you'll end up dropping a stitch down a row, so make sure to watch this.

For the dishcloth:

CO 42 sts
Knit garter for 3 rows (keep the K3 garter border throughout pattern)

(r1) K3, P to last 3 sts, K3
(r2) Knit all
(r3) K3, [P3, K3]* repeat to border, K3
(r4) K3, [P1, K1b, P1, K3]* repeat to border, K3
(r5) repeat row 1
(r6) repeat row 2
(r7) K3, [K3, P3]* repeat to border, K3
(r8) K3, [K3, P1, K1b, P1]* repeat to border, K3

repeat these 8 rows to desired length, Knit garter 3 rows, BO.

The pattern will look like tiny bows or bowties, see picture.

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